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★Alamode Market 20

Exhibiting at Kawasaki, Japan.
The 20th exhibition of Alamode market where

Gothic &Lolita

leading artists are gathered.
Clothing to accessories, over 50 artists/designers come together to show talents.
Lines were formed early morning for the opening of the 20th showing of the market with special item releases.



Picked up a few artists (the hard part was to narrow down since all featured artists were wornderful)and their labels to share their unique creative world.


☆The Opera dream house +Pinkhime(オペラ座ドリームハウス+Pinkhime )

 An entertainment style fashion brand "Operadream house" teamed up with "pinkhime" a "pink themed deco" interior label.




Real juicky looking sweets are all made from paperdough or silicones. They look real than the real sweets! "Talking Tabels" (a london originated brand)were neatly displayed on the paper cake stand, wanted this space in my room!




☆Cabinet de curiosités

Means curious closet in french A specimen accessory. Looking real and still alive, a one off color and had much prescence. Comments by the artists: "Room full of surprises" such rooms existed in the 15th-18th Century Europe to gather and to dsiplay artificial and non-artificial goods. As long as they were one unique, they were all gathered into these rooms back then and as a designer, I base my creations on this idea. I create what I would want to show off to people regardelessof the  genre.




Fake sweets accessory using Alice in the Wonderland motif. Maccarons with bunny prints, "Eat me "tagged cakes and cookies with notes. Alice tea cups, a fun blend of Alice and her sweets.





Earmuffs with mini berets. Designed for days where hats are not appropriate but in need of something! Earmuffs are so cute, you'd want to wear them when its not even cold out. Basket style bags were transformed into lare accessories.




Accessories inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The 20th anniversary special release item for this market was sold out. THe queen's red rose(the scene where the white rose is transformed into red)and necklaces all had Alice's world well expressed thru the eyes of mariwest. Bought three pieces of the "tea party ring" a fun entertaiment for my fingers. Will be releasing the style with Lorina Liddell very soon.





Wear these hats to enhance your dress up outfit even more. The displays were meticulously handled and were almost part of the artwork.





An accessory piece with insects stored in a bottle, as if secretly taken from a lab.



Morun x Muuna Stoik

Ruan who has appeared on Lorina Liddell as our image model, has her own line that are one off head accessories. Flowers with special dyes and panels that are carefully shaped to bring a beautiful accent on your entire outfit. Ruan who is also a model has had  its own brand featured in

"Gothic and Lolita Bible vol.50".

An upcoming brand and designer.





An accessory brand with angels. devels, roses with butterflys, crosses and crowns all handmade in metal.




A nail shop specializing inGoth-Loli, Lolita, Ele-goth genre, All nails are custom fitted and designed by the salon owner to please every guest.




☆Erde Instrument(エルデ楽器)

An instrument studio specializing in the revival of historically lost instrument. A brand made from imitations of real instruments that are refined for goth-lolita style. Erde instrument proposes the idea of gothic&lolita combined with live performance of instruments. No practicing required violin comes in the complete gothic finish.



☆Silver star(銀星堂)

Fun facial expressions are well featured in the doll accessories. Bisque doll parts designed from scratch carefully collaged with watch parts that has stopped ticking time. Vivid textured doll parts with cold metal material gives a world of its own.



The Opera dream house(オペラ座ドリームハウス)  



Cabinet de curiosités






Morun x Muuna Stoik



Erde Instrument(エルデ楽器)

Silver star(銀星堂)

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