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The first Photobook for Ruan by Lorina Liddell!! (English)



I'm Motohiro, the owner of Lorina Liddell.

In this June, I got an offer for making photo book for the gothic lolita model "Ruan". 

So this time, I’d show you the story about it.

This is the photo book cover.

(You can zoom it by clicking images)




The theme of the photo collection is "Parallel World".


"Parallel World," a similar yet different world existing in a separate space.
She exists in each of the worlds, living different lives.


I believe "change" or "metamorphosing" is one of the appeals of Lolita.

  There are various motifs.





Fashion model…


By showing various aspects of her, I expressed the diversity and freedom in the representation of Lolita.


Parallel world,
Heart of mist, worlds intersecting,
Four stories being spun...

Would you like to...follow...her?




If you selected "Yes," please keep reading below.


Who is “Ruan”?


I'd like to introduce the model, Ruan.


She is Ruan↓

She has been a model for the quarterly publication magazine "Gothic & Lolita Bible" produced by KERA.
And now she is the designer of Morun×Muuna Stoick which is popular in Lorina Liddell.
She is also known for “Shoko-tan” having worn her skirt.

She is Shoko-tan, famous Japanese otaku singer↓


I met her when Lorina Liddell opened last year, at ARTiSM MARKET, an exhibition and sales event for underground artists and brands.


There, we made her the request to collaborate with us on our image photograph.
Here is the photo taken at that time.
It was June of last year.

There may be a lot of customers out there who have seen this picture several times because we have been used this photo a lot.



Outline of the photo book 

The title of it is “Oimasuka? / Will you follow her?”
It will be released on November 8th, 2014
A compilation of the artistic beauty in Gothic and Lolita fashion with over 40 pages!

Where to buy?

Physical shop:
・ Dangerous nudeA Shinjuku ALTA

Pop up store/Event:
・Shinjuku Marui Annex 6F Arundel through the Looking-Glass”
 (Nov. 8-19, 2014)
  (Nov. 8-9, 2014 / Booth No. : K-243)

Online shop: or (Japanese)
・ -TBD


Who we are?


Motohiro Senda
(Photographing/Directing on the "Will you follow her?")

About me:

CEO of Uplift Tokyo, LLC.

After traveling around 15 countries, worked at a major retail store, and began his own business in 2012 starting a select shop for imported brands.
Now running Lorina Liddell, a Lolita shop for the lovers of J-fashion.
Holding fashion shows in England, Germany, etc. in 2014, focusing on promoting Lolita culture overseas. Also working as photographer. His main theme is the convergence of fashion and art.



(Designing/Styling on the "Will you follow her?")


About her:
Worked as Model for Gothic&LolitaBible, and now the designer for the Gothic Lolita brand “Morunx Muuna Stoik”.
Her main items are head dress that are one of kind, but she creates clothes and tights with original prints this year.
Expanding her area, with famous “Shoko-tan” wearing her work.

Brand URL:
Twitter URL:



Facebook page is here:

We will post more information and photos here!
We will be happy if you follow it♪


Thank you so much for reading~

See you^^



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Ahadiya said:

It’s a beautiful place, Godstow, with the ruins of an abbey, and a pub, the Trout, beidse the river, which seems, around there, to be filled with trout. The fish seem to have no fear of humans, you can feed them, hold fragments of bread between your fingers, and they’ll come and nibble.It’s not a town though, I doubt that more than six people live in Godstow.

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