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Grand Opening Party for Princess Doll's Flagship Store

Let me introduce about my visiting

Princess Doll's shop

for opening celebration party on last Saturday.

Princess Dollのお店


As you know, though Princess Doll mainly produces only small quantity or makes to order, it is Japanese popular brand that is taken up by magazines like “Lolita no Seichi Junrei Techo in TOKYO” issued in February, "Gothic & Lolita bible”, etc.

This time, Princess Doll launched the first street shop in Minami-Aoyama in accordance with 10th anniversary.
It appears that opening the street shop is a Brand designer, aya's long cherished dream.
This is appearance of the party.
今回、Princess Dollはブランド立ち上げ10周年に合わせ、南青山に初の路面点を出しました。

Then here is my introduction of the shop.
The person who waits on visitors is Aya.
Yes, you can meet the very person!
* Future plan is however not determined. So if you like to ask directly aya about items etc., please use this chance.


I made a simple interview with her.

Q: What do you most care about in producing items?
A: Clothes that can be worn for long time. Those that you like to wear not only for just one season but every time the season comes.
Q: 「商品作りのこだわりはなんですか?」
A: 「1シーズンだけでなく、その季節になると毎年着たくなるような、長く着れるお洋服を作る事です。」

Q: What did you most care about in designing your shop?
A: Princess Doll's image is "elegance in cuteness".
My shop was designed to represent this concept.
Q: お店作りのこだわりを教えて下さい?
A: Princess Dollのイメージは、「可愛らしさの中の上品さ」です。

Q: Is the shop open every day?
A: No, irregularly. This week, it's open 5 days. Usually, open on Saturdays and Sundays, but It closes even on weekends when it coincides with the manufacturing peak after receiving orders. The opening info is always on its website's shop list or on Twitter; so check it out.

Q: お店は常にやってるんですか?
A: 不定期です。今週は週5でやってます。基本は土日が多いのですが、受注後の製作期間とかぶると土日でもやっていません。サイトのshop list、またはTwitterで常に開店情報を出しているので、そちらをチェックしてね。

Last of all, Aya has a message for you,
"My shop is packed with Princess Doll's unique ideas. Come visit us!"

(Please come visit Lorina Liddell if you are not in Japan!)  *It is the message from Lorina

「Princess Dollのこだわりがたくさんつまったお店なので、ぜひ遊びに来てね。」
(もし日本にいないのなら、Lorina Liddellに来てね。) ※これはLorinaからのメッセージ。

As it's close to my office, I'll drop by sometimes.
See you then!



Information for the shop

Buy Princess Doll items



Magazines Princess Doll featured:

Yoh(妖), illustrator famous for the illustration in Gothic and lolita bible, KERA, etc.

His website:

Kunika's cake

All the staff for the party:


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