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Brilliant Star☆デコレーションズ Vol.8 in 新宿 【ショー編】

Brilliant Star☆Decorations Vol.8 in Shinjuku 【Show】

※First part(blog for booth and snap) is here.

【ファッションコンテスト | Fashion Contest】
とても見応えのある、そしてなにより、楽しい! コンテストでした。

【Fashion Show】
It is started with the explanation of the manners during the show.

Here's Mary from our marywest☆ who is the first queen of Brilliant Star☆Decorations and she is going to explain this in the form of an actual demonstration.

This photo is the scene that is expressing the rule "Please take care that your horns and headdresses do not prevent the people behind you from watching the show"

新作タイツの購入はこちら→ "Gradation Rose Ribbon Tights"

mary has also provided her newly designed tights for this show.
You can buy these newly designed tights here
→marywest☆ "Gradation Rose Ribbon Tights"



【Rose Marie seoir(ローズマリーソワール)】

syrup様による注目の新ブランドによるコレクションです。himitsu by Syrup.よりもちょっぴり大人向けなガーリースタイル。
Rose Marie seoir is the New brand by syrup. A little bid elegant than himitsu by Syrup yet still girly .


木村優さん | Yu Kimura

【Juliette et Justine】

Collection by Juliette et Justine, what a elegant as always!
サフィラさん | Sapphira 青木美沙子さん | Misako Aoki アーバンギャルド浜崎容子さん | Urban garde Yoko Hamasaki

【Dangerous Nude】

さすがの世界観。空気が一気に変わりました。不覚にもこのタイミングでSDカードが一杯となり...写真が少なく申し訳ありません> <
What a unique and cool items! but sorry I could not take pictures because of my SD card became full...
Please wait until it will be put up on the official site.
木村優さん | Yu kimura


I never saw such a beautiful voluminous skirt and elaborate wings.

アーバンギャルド浜崎容子さん | Urban garde Yoko Hamasaki サフィラさん | Sapphira 木村優 | Yu kimura 青木美沙子さん | Misako Aoki 井上喜久子さん | Kikuko Inoue, famous voice actress
【ライブショウ | Live Show】
Live Show by Brilliant Kingdom.

Babi and Kaie gave a talk and sang a song.
You cannot help listening to their talk since they are so learned.

【最後に | And finally】
Our impression is that event Brilliant Star☆Decorations is one of the rare events when the people interested in lolita fashion could dress up to their heart's content.
We would like to invite those who had never taken part in it so far to experience the fun and great feeling of "decorating themselves."
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