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Reservation campaign for PMX Customer.

We want to bring items which you want to look/buy, but there are so many items on Lorina Liddell, so please tell us your favorite items from our shop.
Yes, you may be able to meat your favorite items at PMX!

■How to tell Lorina Liddell your opinion?
A. Reserve items with 5 % deposit.
B. Add items to “wishlist".

■What we do?
A → We sure will bring reserved items to PMX.
B → We will use your "wishlist" just as reference.

■How to reserve items?
1. Please use the coupon “PMX1", it will discount 95%.
2. After your payment, we will refund shipping fee.

■How to add items to wishlist?
Please press the "ADD TO WISHLIST" button on item page.

■When this campaign ends?
We will close this campaign at the end of this Saturday(PST).

We are looking forward to see your opinions.
Please enjoy choosing items at ;)

Thank you in advance,
Lorina Liddell
Lorina Liddell August 19, 2015 3 tags (show)

Shaf said:

I tried using both discounts but it only allowed me to use one at a time. Please advise. Thanks!

Lorina Liddell said:

Thank you for your comment and we are sorry for the inconvenience.
It seems that the code “PMX2” doesn’t work as system error.

Please use only “PMX1”, after your payment, we will refund shipping fee.

*We updated “How to reserve items?” on this article.

Thank you in advance!
Lorina Liddell

ChRi said:

If so we reserve an item and it fits ill when we try it on at the convention, will we be able to refund our reserve money or do we just lose that money or can we put it towards something else?

Lorina Liddell said:

Your deposit will be used for following fee:
・We will keep items without selling in Japan.
・We will send reserved item by Express Mail Service.
・We may have to reduce other items instead.
Thank you for your understanding,

Wayne Bursi said:

AMV Contest 2014 Update The rules for the AMV Contest have been updated. AMV Contest 2014 PMX is pleased to announce the return of our Anime Music Video Contest.

Angel said:

I want to buy items from sheglit!

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