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In Paris for the Japan Expo.

Over 280,000 visitors attended the Japan Expo in 2013, averaging over 58,000 people per day.
That's more people than those visiting Tokyo Disneyland in a day!(Just in case you didn't know, some rides/attractions at Disney Land have a 5 hour wait so imagine that at an Expo, right?!)
Lorita and Gothic both have many genre or should I say styles amongst themselves.
Classic lolita, Gothic lolita, Sweet lolita, Gothic, Cyber, Steampunk and more.
Recently I've seen many girls blending Steam Punk with Gothic and they look fantastic!
Japan Expo welcomes anyone who has interest in  Japanese Cullture. I've seen many girls with their unique costume "cos-play" attending, and its wonderful  to see them excited and having fun.
Lolita is not exactly "cos-play" so I hope to draw my readers attention to the idea that its simply fashion!
Excited to share the creative and beyond just fashion but profound Japanese Couture fashion
with more and more girls!
mata-ne(see you)
Lorina Liddell July 07, 2013 0 tags (show)
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