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Minori 3

More pictures of Minori with her walk in Paris.


Photo 1 : the dog at Gavilane loved her, such a cute, cuddly picture.


The 2nd photo was taken outside Japan Expo, she's brilliant in that any ordinary scene magically transforms into one beautiful art project.
=2枚目の写真は、Japan EXPOの会場の外。なでもない場所でもアートにしてしまうのは流石。


The 3rd photo taken at Paris, just any typical daily sight of the city.
When walking with Minori, theres at least a photo request every 5 meters. It takes forever to move forward.
Interesting to learn that with Minori, people who ask for her photos are all polite and have great manners, thanks to her goddess features probably.


I'll be putting up some more photos of Minori from time to time. Hope to share her world of art with you all.


another minori's photograph coming soon!

(see you)



Lorina Liddell July 17, 2013 0 tags (show)
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