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Convention Lolita held in Paris

I attended Convetion Lolita held in Paris on July 7th-8th.
The 4th year for this event and had many creative artists with their booths. It has a little more subtle tone in comparison to Japan Expo so it was easier to meet people and to shop!
=7月7日8日にパリで行われたロリータイベント、Convention Lolitaに行って見ました。


Everybody I met was so friendly, hard to believe that it was the first time to meet them.
Francois, thank you so much for helping me get around at the event.


Attendees were not only locals but from all over all the world just enjoying their original goth-loli fashion and meeting new friends.


Cute lolita with her magic wand!



Ms.Clara Maeda is married to a Japanese, speaks fluent Japanese, loved her french and classic style.


Minori with her shiro-nuri(white make-up)was surrounded by people whevere she went.


Last day of Paris, I was amazed how Goth-Loli fashion brings people together.




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