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Asobisystem • eyelash extensions KOJI • niconico

I did an interview with Asobisystem and tsuke-matsuge(eyelash extensions)KOJI.
Asobisytem in case you didnt know already is famous for their in-house world famous model " Kyarypamyupamyu "(full name is “Caroline Charonplop Kyarypamyupamyu”. )
Staffs with their Yukata dresses looked super cute and they had mame-shi pamyupamyu on display.
=『HARAJUKU』のアイコンとしての存在が、全世界から注目を集めるきゃりーぱみゅぱみゅちゃん(フルネーム “きゃろらいんちゃろんぷろっぷきゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ”。)などが所属するアソビシステムさん。ブースには『豆しぱみゅぱみゅ』。浴衣姿のスタッフも可愛い☆。


Masuda Sebastian showed up at the booth and made some noise for her girl Kyary .
He knew how to represent Kyary 's world to his international fans and brought Japan Expo straight to Kawaii Harajuku!


Booth photo #1
mame-shi pamyupamyu&yukata girls

Booth photo #2
Smiling girls,taken in front of Kawaii Harajuku panel.

Focuses on  "Harajuku Culture" from fashion, music to lifestyle, delivering and supporting these contents domestically and internationally.

Kyari pamyupamyu currently seeks kids dancers for her Japan Tour, audition starts July 20th!


【Dolly Wink produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka】
A necessity for all Gothic&Lolita fashion style!
=Gothic & Lolita STYLEに欠かせないポイントメイクのつけまつげ。
株式会社コージー本舗(KOJI HONPO CO.,LTD.)さんのブースです。
Booth photo #3


Koji Honpo Co., Ltd is the first company to release "tsuke matsuge" eyelash extensions in Japan, so they have a long history in the industry. Girls lined up for over an hour to get a free "tsuke matsuge"trial.


Still unavailable in France, Dolly Wink definitely attracted pretty girls who came by.


She has produced 9 varieties of "tsuke matsuge" just for the top eyelashes and have sold over 8 million sets!
=この日無料体験出来たのは日本で人気のモデル益若つばさちゃんプロデュースのDolly Winkシリーズ。上まつげだけで9種類!日本ではこのシリーズだけで800万個も売れているんです。


The Dolly wink free trial was a huge success and girls shouted "kawaii"when Tsubasa-chan herself made an appearance on July 6th.


Established over 60 years and have been experts with eyelash extensions for over 60 years.
Geisha's back in the days wore eyelash extensions that were hand braided using their own hair, Koji Honpo followed this scheme and successfully released Japan's first eyelash extensions product.


【niconico video(in japan we call it nico-dou)】
Picture#4  enjoying karaoke
Japan Expo was very similar to niconico cho kaigi. niconico cho kaigi has over 5 million viewers on their webiste and has gathered over 13 thousand visitors in just 2 days of their event. An event that is specific to internet entertaiment.

nico-dou set up their karaoke booth to invite guests to sing in front of a crowd!

They had it set up just as seen on nico-video where viewers comments were lived streamed on the screen. Lots of guests had fun singing their favorite Japanese songs.

Picture#5 Owner Mr Kawakami taken at an event in Makuhari, Chiba.

※niconico Douga(nicovideo)
The3rd niconico cho Kaigi to be held from April 26th-27th 2014 outside Tokyo.

niconico Douga has released many internet culture and is recognized as one of the most largest movie hosting service company in Japan.
Developed its own unique system where users can leave comments and share/exchange with one another, currently has over 2 million registered members.
=ニコニコ動画は、日本の代表的な動画共有サイトの一つであり、多くのネットカルチャーを生み出している。 ニコニコ動画の特徴は、配信される動画の再生時間軸上に対しユーザーがコメントを投稿できる独自のコメント機能であり、その他にもユーザーやアップロード者同士が交流できる機能を数多く備えている。





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