Anima! Adamas "6 Butterflies necklace (BLK×WHT)"

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Brand: Anima! Adamas

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6 beautiful butterflies in vivid colors are locked inside a small black specimen case.
Resin is applied on the butterflies in several different coats so there is thickness and gloss.

From upper left to right:
Morpho daidamia, Sunset Morpho (Morpho hecuba), Ornithoptera goliath,
From lower left to right:
Papilio multicaudata, Agrias claudina,  Morpho helena

■Specimen case
Made of wood, color is glossing black.
Size: 4 cm×5cm×1.5cm
weight: 70g
For the cushion within the specimen case, a white colored satin material is used.
The use of clear acrylic board on the surface makes it sturdy.

■Other parts
All the metal ware is gold and the brand tag is attached to the adjuster.
The beads are round black beads with luster.
Length: 45cm + 7cm adjuster.

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