Lolicate is the art magazine for the people loving lolita world.
It is created by the people who loved lolita dresses and the lolita world and it is a creative book with beautiful images.
The images feature the painting of the world "Ophelia " and the theme “Rose eyeball” and more...
It also features the world "lolita Paradise" drawn by an illustrator Tama…

We can enjoy the photos and the artworks which are cute, beautiful and a little terrifying in a large size, B4 (25.7cm×36.4cm/10inch×14inch).
In the cover and the main pages, there is the lolita queen Arika Takarano who is a vocalist of ALI PROJECT.
There are the other models, Selen Kusunoki, Yu Kimura, Yui Minakata and Kazumi Takahashi who are charismatic among Lolita.
Midori Fukazawa, Misako Aoki, Gabriel, Sapphira Doll, Nami Kurama, ROOT as a prince are in their own lolita dresses.

Enjoy the full 70 pages of authentic lolita styles, gothic steampunk, and more!
Hair styling and make-up all done by Akio Namiki, Japan's hottest hairstylist and make-up artist of the moment.
Plus "wardrobe", his photo spread pincludes the not-to-be-missed self-made props!

The first issue, "Lolicate Virginmary" is limited to 2000 copies!
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