Can I reserve a currently out-of-stock item?
→Please feel free to ask us. It depends on the brand and product.



Are there any countries or regions not accepted orders?
→The countries we ship to are restricted by the operating areas of the delivery services we use. For more information, please click “About Shipping” at the middle left of our home page, then check “Areas We Ship To.”


Can I order over the Internet only? What about by phone or fax?
→We only accept orders through our website (from shopping cart)
* We will accept orders by e-mail if the item(s) are already uploaded on official website but not yet on Lorina Liddell.

Can I change or cancel my order?
→It depends on the items and our work. If we haven't started packing or back-order yet, we will accept cancel.

I want to change the shipping address.
→We can change the address before shipping. Please contact us from page “contact”.


How do you ship orders?
→We send your items by international Express Mail Service (EMS) or by international courier.

What is the Express Mail Service (EMS)?

→Express Mail Service (EMS) is a speedy, safety, responsible service.
  • The parcel will arrive in approx. 5 days unless it got customs.
  • Loss and damage compensated up to 2 million yen.
  • Customer can instantly check current delivery status online.


Can Lorina Liddell ship merchandise by surface mail or airmail?
→We do not send items by sea.

Q.4 What are Shipping and Handling Charges?
→Shipping and Handling charges are fees that we charge for each order to cover the costs of processing and shipping. They are set based on the total amount of ordered merchandise and those charges include international express postage/courier fees. For the table of Shipping and Handling Charges, please check "shipping".

Will my order be subject to other charges in addition to Shipping and Handling?
→Orders may be subject to import tax, value tax, customs handling fees, and/or delivery fees in some countries or regions. In this case, the Customer (or the recipient if the merchandise is not shipped to the Customer) should be responsible for the payment of any such taxes or fees.
Lorina Liddell does not charge for these taxes and fees and so they are not included in our shipping and handling charge. Please contact the customs office, post office or delivery company directly for details.



Can you declare lower price and send it as gift?

→We are very flexible for your request, so please contact us.

How long will my order take to reach me?
→We endeavor to ship your order to you within 5 business days, counted from the day after your order is placed. Orders are shipped by the Japan Post International Express Mail Service (EMS), and you can follow your package’s progress using a tracking number. Your order should reach you within approx. 5 days after being shipped.

Can I specify the shipping date?
→We regret that you cannot specify the shipping date, even if you inform us in advance that you will be away for a given period.

Can I specify the date and time of my order’s delivery?
→The date and time of delivery of orders sent by Express Mail Service (EMS) cannot be specified.
For international courier, once your order has been sent you may be able to specify a delivery time and date by contacting the courier’s local customer service center.
(We regret that you cannot specify the shipping service used.)

I haven’t received my order yet.
→1) If you haven’t received a Shipping Advice email, your order may not have been shipped yet. Please login and check your order history for the status of your order.
2) If you received the “Shipping Advice” but 5 or 6 days have passed and your order has still not arrived, please check tracking status and first. If you have any question, please e-mail us at info@lorinaliddell.com with the your member user name, full name and order ID.


Can I ship items to multiple shipping addresses?
→We are very sorry, but you can only specify one address per order. If you want to ship items to multiple addresses, you have to order separately for each address. However, please be reminded that you will be charged for shipping and handling charges with each order.
For the table of Shipping and Handling Charges, please click here.


I want to send my order as a gift, so can you wrap my items?
→Of course, we would like to wrap it.


What is “Wish List”?
→“Wish list” is the function of saving your favorite item of Lorina Liddell.




Please select a wishlist category
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