How to Measure Your Clothing Size?
We do not have a size conversion chart as sizings vary depending on each brand and product.
We are hand selecting many brands and much of their products are one of a kind style, hence it would be too difficult to fit any global sizing chart.

So to help you make a good buy online, let us introduce the best and the easiest solution!
Use a measuring tape and measure your own clothing, and compare it to your item using the following images.

It is the most basic and simple way, yet we think it is the best.

A lifetime garment just for you. -Lorina Liddell
Please use this link to convert "cm" to "inch"→

alice auaaA:Chest/Bust
B: Shoulders
C: Sleeve length
D: Arm(cuff) width
E: Around cuff
F: Total length
G: Around hem
H: Waist
 I: Around neck
J: Hip
K-1: Back neck width
K-2: Front collar(neck) height
K-3: Neck line
L-1: Back collar with
L-2; Back collar height
M: From the center of the back of the neck to end the sleeves
N: Out side length
O: All length
P: Inseam curve
Q: Arm hole
R: Around wrist
S-1: Upper opening
S-2: Lower opening
T: Zipper length
U: Around opening


F: Total length
G: Around hem
H: Waist
J: Hip
N: Out side length
V: Fork
W: Front crotch to waist
X: Back crotch to waist
Y: Inseam


F-1: Front Length

F-2: Back length


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