abilletage "Double lace long corset pink beige"

¥29,500 JPY

Brand: abilletage

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Long corset from our Double-Lace Collection, which features the additional lacework on top of the gorgeous lace fabric.
The large motifs of the lace stand out (without blending into the background), and add radiance to the style.
The opening is hooked at the centre front.
6 spiral bones and 4 steel bones are inserted.

front…polyester 100%
back…cotton 100%

【Waist size】
S…(full closed) 46cm
M…(full closed) 50cm
L…(full closed) 56cm
LL…(full closed) 63cm
Please choose -10cm~ -15cm from your nude waist size.

front center length…33cm

Some size might been currently out of stock, but abilletage will make it after your order, we will Email you when it will be made.

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