EXCENTRIQUE "'15SU Pirate Corset Skirt” NAVY

¥32,400 JPY

Brand: Excentrique

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Summer 2015


A set of mini corset and tulle skirt.
Corset is made with historical method, so many bones will hold your waist properly.
Voluminous and airy skirt as liner and its waist size is one-fits-all.
You can wear it with leggings for mannish/pankish coordinate or pannier for romantic coordinate.
On the photo, coordinated with “Pirate Shirt”, “Pirate Jacket” and ”Zigzag Panieer”.

front:polyester 100%
other : : polyester 100%
body liner:cotton100%
skirt liner:polyester 100%
braid:rayon70%+ linen 30%
steel bones

waist54~72cm, length18.5cm
waist62~80cm, length18.5cm

<Skirt *same size>
waist62~102cm, length 76.1cm

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