Excentrique Rose Jacquard Under Bust Corset (black)

¥23,700 JPY

Brand: Excentrique

Size: M

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■Color : BLK

■Size : 2(M)
    Length - 25.6cm
    Waist - 54~64cm


Front Fabric - Polyester100%
Inner Fabric - Cotton100%
Bonding finish



※Please make your size selection closest to your nude waist size "MINUS 10cm".
For instance, if your nude waist measures 63cm, you should select size 2 as that would be closest to the corset sizing 54cm.
Corsets should be worn so that you size down a few cm naturally, but you want to go a little tighter for the best and proper corset fitting.
Just keep in mind that you want to minus 10cm from your natural waist measurement.
If you are unsure or have further questions, please email us!

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