Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol.57

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・Same price as in Japanese stores.
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・If you choose annual subscription for volume 57-60, you can save approx. 10 %.

■Special supplement
・Juliette et Justine stickers
・Big paper pattern which enables you to make brands’ clothes yourself.

・わがままメイク なまいきメイク(make up instruction)
・私達の猫自慢♪ 猫ちゃんとの暮らしを拝見!!
・Harajuku Gothic&Lolita Snap, Event Snap & Report
・ALIPROJECT 宝野アリカ「偏愛狂猫変身譚」
・手作り企画「Welcom to the Cats Party」
・Mana(Moi dix Mois)× Moi-même-Moitié

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