Lhiannan:Shee ”snail necklace(with a pyritized ammonite)”

¥15,000 JPY

Brand: Lhiannan:Shee

Title: One Size

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Snail shaped rings with a transparent resin instead of the univalve shell.
Stylish snails live with treasures such as colorful minerals and antique watch parts in their shells.
※This item contains a pyritized ammonite.

Size: Pendant top 5.5cm, Chain 60cm
Material: Brazen, Acrylic resin, Pyritized ammonite, Dried flower

Lhiannan:Shee was named after the Celtic fairy "Lhiannan-shee".
I produces the items which catch the heart of people wearing them just like the "Lhiannan-shee".
I became the haute couture wedding dress designer after graduated from fashion design school in Japan, and now I am creator of various expressional activities such as designing accessories, clothes, dolls, objects, doll's clothes and artist's costumes.
"Why don't you wear work of art with you! "

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