Photo book "Will you follow her?"

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Brand: Lorina Liddell

Title: Default Title

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Parallel world,
Heart of mist, worlds intersecting,
Four stories being spun...

Would you like to...follow...her?


Main theme is “Parallel worlds”
4 Ruans in 4 worlds.
Those worlds never meet.
You are the only one who can look the worlds.

A compilation photobook of the artistic beauty in Gothic and Lolita fashion with over 40 pages!

I will invite you aesthetic fantasy world.

The first hundred customers can get the limited post card.

Photographer: Motohiro Senda, the owner of Lorina Liddell

Model: Ruan, Gothic&Lolita Bible’s former model, now the designer of Morun×Muuna Stoik

If you want to know more story, please check this post:

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