Poorman's Gold Label "Leather ribbon ring (Black)"

¥3,500 JPY

Brand: Poorman's Gold Label

Option: size: semi-order / Black

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Glossy jet black leather ribbon ring.

All handmade with high quality genuine leather.
You can enjoy beautiful aging for a long time.

Completely metal free!!





body: Genuine cowhide leather
sewing thread: waxed polyester


US5~11, UK J~L



※If the item is out of stock: They will produce the ring in around 1 week, so that it might take around 2 week from receiving your order to the delivery.

▶︎Want to know more? Click here: Awesome reviews to understand their craftsmanship wrote by Hilde Heyvaert.

Poorman's Gold Label is produced by Mary and 130JET from the Steampunk band "Strange Artifact".
"Instantly become Steampunk by wearing it" as their theme, soft and smooth textured rings are simply available to anyone.

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