Sheglit × Lumiebre “Ulysses-Fenestella Umbrella/Parasol”

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Brand: Sheglit

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The all weather Umbrella/Parasol collaborated with Lumiebre.
Lumiebre was founded in 2008.
They specialize in gothic design parasol and umbrella.
The umbrella/parasol is not only elegant but functional too!
Detailed embroideries and laces are so gorgeous.

■Size (measured in centimeter)

    canopy    :cotton100%
    laces on ribs:   :cotton100%
    laces on frills: :font thread・rayon100%
            back thread・cotton100%
    shaft       :aluminum
    ribs        :glass fiber
    handle       :Fujimaki wrapping
■Size   length       :approx. 81cm
    width when opening  :approx. 80cm
     (approx. 88cm include frill)
    rib length    :47cm
    weight       :approx. 320g
Opening  Safe manual button
water repellent finishing and 99.2% UV Protection

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